West Sea


West Sea has completed the third Liquefied Natural Gas conversion for Baleària

March 3, 2022

In October 2021, Baleària awarded West Sea the contract to convert the Ro-Ro and passenger vessel Hedy Lamarr to operate on Liquefied Natural Gas.

The main works carried out included the adaptation of the two main engines to operate on diesel and liquefied natural gas, the installation of two liquefied natural gas storage tanks with a total capacity of 565 m³ and the installation of smart ship functionalities for the ship’s clients. In addition to this, around 80 tonnes of steel were installed to create new spaces, equipment for the new natural gas system and various plumbing and electrical systems.

The ship went out for diesel and liquefied natural gas sea trials on 5 February, after work had been done on the engines. On 26 February, the stability test was carried out, and the ship was delivered to the client on 1 March.

This is the third naval conversion project that West Sea has developed for the company, and it was successfully completed, reaffirming West Sea’s ability and experience to carry out this type of project.