West Sea


West Sea completes the conversion to Liquefied Natural Gas of the Martin I Soler from Baleària

April 20, 2020

The Ro-Ro/Passenger vessel Martin I Soler, from Baleària, arrived at the West Sea shipyard on November 2, 2020 for conversion works in order to operate on Liquefied Natural Gas.

The main works were:

  • The installation of a 180 ton Liquefied Natural Gas storage tank with 360 m³ of capacity.
  • The retrofit of the two main dual-fuel machines, that will allow the ship to operate on Liquefied Natural Gas and fuel;

The installation of the tank was done by a unique process. After opening access on the ship’s starboard side, the tank was placed in a berth built for the purpose and moved inside the ship, followed by the installation of the removed steelblocks. It was the first time that this operation was carried out on a Baleària ship.