West Sea


West Sea at Porto Maritime Week 2021

September 20, 2021

The Porto Maritime Week 2021 took place from September 20th to 24th at the Crowne Plaza Porto, in the Port of Leixões and also via online transmission. In a week dedicated to the maritime sector in Portugal, hundreds of professionals and national and international speakers gathered to reflect and discuss the present and future of intermodality, ports, maritime transport, training, human resources, the cruise industry , of the naval industry, among other subjects.

West Sea was present on September 22, participating in two panels:

2:30 PM –  “The future of ships in the commercial navy”, with the participation of Marco Costa.
4:30 PM – “The Portuguese naval industry”, with the participation of Vitor Figueiredo.

Marco Costa addressed the theme of naval architecture and the improvement of ships, showing that “it is possible to do more and better in this aspect. We have to move to other technologies to comply with all environmental requirements. There are several offices and designers working on improving the hulls and probably the last major improvement known was in the painting of ships, with silicones”. “The evolution of shipbuilding will continue and is likely to follow the path of the automobile industry itself, with batteries applicable for short distances. Liquefied Natural Gas is a solution that has been thought of for over 20 years and, without a doubt, hydrogen could be the future”.

Vítor Figueiredo​ referred that in the last two years, despite the pandemic, West Sea has managed to grow and have a considerable turnover. “First of all, I must say that our teams were tireless, taking all protective measures and were always one step ahead of the Ministry of Health’s recommendations. it within the established deadline.” The administrator added that West Sea entered the ship conversion market, having managed to convert two traditional diesel ships to liquefied natural gas, believing that this is a promising market. “Viana do Castelo has We have a very long tradition in shipbuilding and ship repair and we were able to take advantage of the know-how of the entire region (…) Even with the difficulties caused by covid-19, we have an approved investment plan. We are going to move towards building a new dock and we want to that is working within two years. In order to grow we have to invest, but this only makes sense because the partnership we made with the State is working.”

This was the second edition of the event that ended on Friday with the 2021 Intermodal Conference, at the Port of Leixões, in Matosinhos.