West Sea


Decades of proven experience

We have a team capable of managing the greatest technical challenges in every phase of a ship construction or repair.

Focusing on the clients’ requests, our services bear the experience, specialisation and efficiency of our workers.

We offer all kinds of naval construction and ship repair services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

R&D - Research and Development

The research and study of industry trends in terms of hull shapes, materials, techniques and production technologies are the main objectives of this service. In addition to innovation, the constant concern with reducing gas emissions and the use of alternative energies such as natural gas and batteries should be highlighted. Recently, hydrogen has also been concerned in the company’s strategy.

Project Design and Development

Through computer tools available in the shipbuilding market (Nupas, Cadmatic, Autohydro, Modelmaker, 3D-Beam and MARS) together with others (AutoCAD, Inventor, Nastran, Lantek) and with highly qualified technicians, we ensure all calculations and technical modules for approval by the customer, authorities and classification societies. We are able to guarantee the elements defined in the production to cover the various specialties that make up the ship.

Hull Service

We stand out for the quick response capacity of the assembly and welding works – with certificated welders – within the quality standards demanded by both the client and the classification societies. Equipped with cutting machines and modern manufacturing facilities, we can build steel-blocks and megablocks up to 180-tonnes. Annually, the shipyard has the capacity to fabricate 20 000 tons of steel.


With qualified professionals, the piping department manufactures, assembles and tests any type of system on the ship. With a working area of ​​about 3 000 sqm, we have equipment to manufacturer pipes in any material, from steel, stainless steel, cunifer, between others. With a capacity of over 12 000 spools per year, we carry out work in ​​shipbuilding and ship repair areas for any type of ship.

Steel Outfitting

We guarantee the manufacture, assembly and welding within the scope of steel preparation and also in the areas of ventilation and air conditioning. With capacity for self-monitoring checks, we carry out the quality control of the steel parts when purchased to other suppliers.



We have a workshop equipped with a wide range of machines, and the knowledge of qualified and experienced professionals. These factors allow the intervention, from assembly to repair, in most ship equipment, including propulsion installations, steering systems, auxiliary machines, shaft lines, propellers, azimuths, thrusters, heat exchangers, ballast water treatment systems, safety valves, pumps and electric motors.

Electricity and Automation

We guarantee the provision of services in the electricity and automation sector for the company’s business areas: construction, repair and ship conversion.

Surface Treatment and Painting

Complying with the painting scheme accorded with each customer and the paint manufacturer, we ensure different activities relating to the exterior hull, interior areas, ballast and cargo tanks. Any surface beneficiation and painting work it’s only applied after the steel work is completed and the atmospheric conditions required in the respective product data sheets are guaranteed.

Interiors Outfitting and Decoration

With a management of the work coordination, our architecture team guarantees the quality standards defined by the client and produced by professionals chosen for the execution of each ship.