West Sea


River Cruise Ships

Comfortable and distinguished, river cruise ships are perfect for navigating in any river.

These vessels allow you to discover the most emblematic places on the Douro River while enjoying a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

With a 100 passenger and 40 crew member capacity, these vessels are fast and there is a continuous development of innovations, such as the use of the world’s first navigation and propulsion technologies, using bio based fuels and contributing to greater environmental sustainability.


~ 80 metres


~ 11 metres


~ 2 metres


~ 11 knots


2 SCANIA 440/552 kW

Turnkey naval construction.

Our know-how and efficiency make it possible to build and deliver a river cruise ship in about 12 months.

Our production capacity allows us to build eight 100 metre river cruise ships per year.

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In 9 years of activity, West Sea already built 11 River Cruise vessels and has one ongoing.