West Sea


Military Vessels

Together with autonomy, robustness, and efficiency, the technological capacity makes Ocean Patrol Vessels into multi-purpose vessels for missions on the high seas.

Vessels with a solid technological component which are equipped with great flexibility.

Given their technical characteristics, they can perform several roles, such as:

  • Patrol and Law Enforcement
  • Fishery Protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Anti-Pollution


Portuguese Navy


81 metres


12 metres


3,7 metres


20 knots


2 Wartsilla 3.900 kW

Tailored to cover all needs.

The use of the ship as an anti-pollution vessel or as a beacon vessel is a good example of the flexibility in the design of military vessels, as the vessel receives the anti-pollution equipment installed on the helicopter landing platform.

The ship’s structure is mild steel, designed to answer to any hostile environment. The ship is mainly transverse stiffened with frames 600 mm apart.

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