West Sea


Let’s grow together

A multidisciplinary, specialized, rigorous, customer-focused and future-oriented team.


Decades of experience in the naval industry combined with the youngest ambition make our team unique.

Working at West Sea is breathing an 80-year history of the marine industry, wanting to innovate and do better every day.

It’s learning and working side by side with someone who has been building and repairing ships for over 40 years and finding innovative solutions with people who have just discovered their passion for the naval industry.

It means dedicating a career to the shipbuilding industry and continuing the centenary history of a country that is sea.

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We recruit professionals from different areas of expertise.

“Every day we have a different challenge, we meet a new person and this forces us to be creative. We don’t have a routine job. We have to be bold to carry out the projects we propose.”

Hugo, HVAC and Insulation Technician

“For me, it’s exciting to do what I like. The piping section interconnects all systems and it is a pride to be part of this area. It’s gratifying to see the first steel block of a vessel and then that huge puzzle enter the sea”

Agostinho, Testing Technician and Auxiliary Equipment Assembly

“The biggest learning I get from working at West Sea is that we can’t do anything alone. With good teamwork we can do amazing things, like a vessel. A welder doesn’t make a vessel, a project technician doesn’t make a vessel, and together we can all make it.”

Cláudia, Safety and Environment Officer

“It’s fascinating to see that a bunch of steelplates, at the end of our work, turns into a vessel.”

Rafael, Mechanical Locksmith

“Everything happens very quickly at West Sea. The challenge is great and we work hard to bring our projects to fruition.”

Carlos, Project Technician


Have you finished secondary or vocational education in an area of design or quality?
Have you completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in civil, mechanical, naval, industrial management or similar engineering?
Are you in management or economics and is it an industrial company you want to work?
Do you have a passion for the naval industry and already know that your place is by the sea?

Atreve-te and be part of our team!

The annual Atreve-te internship program is aimed at young graduates from higher education, secondary education or from professional or technological courses who identify with the values and culture of the West Sea and the Martifer group.

This is a transversal program for the Martifer group, with a duration of 9 months.

Joining Martifer group will enable the acquisition of transversal knowledge in the areas of metal construction, shipbuilding and renewable energies and the development of personal, technical and professional skills.

Internship at West Sea means being challenged every day on projects that are true learning experiences.