West Sea is a shipyard located in Viana do Castelo, North of Portugal. Created by the Martifer Group in 2013, the company is the current sub-concessionary of the lands and infrastructures of the former ENVC – Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo.

The shipyard is one of the most important industrial infrastructures in Portugal, with docking capacity for large and medium size ships. It is equipped with workshops and lifting devices for the construction of large modules and equipment.

With a total area of 250,000 sqm, the shipyard has the facilities to undertake shipbuilding, conversions and ship repair of any type of vessel up to 37,000 tonnes, 190 metres of length and 29 metres of breadth, as well as small/medium-sized vessels.

   Strategic Location

West Sea has a strategic location in Northern Portugal, near the Atlantic Ocean and close to several important ports on the international stage, such as Vigo, Leixões (Porto) and Lisbon.

Location within the Atlantic route, in the centre of several international routes, namely:

  • between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe
  • between Northern Europe and South America
  • between the Mediterranean and North America

  • Certifications

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