West Sea Viana Shipyard assumes a commitment with its Clients, Shareholders, Employees and other Interested Parties to establish cordial relations based upon guiding principles defined by its objectives.

The Health, Safety and Environmental Policy has as prime objective the affirmation through the quality, technological edge and social responsibility, which stand outs West Sea from other competitors and promotes the satisfaction of the interested Parties.

In this regard, West Sea is committed to:

  • Exceed the quality patterns and lead the way of the shipping industry by investing in the modernization of the facilities and equipment as well as in the professional training of its employees, though formation and interaction with other companies of the group.
  • A continuous effort to meet the Clients satisfaction, as well as to exceed their expectations, by supplying a product with quality, reliability and safety, according to the best practices and contractual requirements, within the agreed time and price.
  • Maintain and improve continually the efficiency of the integrated management system and respective processes. Quality must result from the systematic implementation of the management system, being suppliers and subcontractor also involved in this process.
  • Strong commitment to offer the best project experience and the best results for all parties involved.
  • Promote among the employees and subcontractors awareness raising programmes and Health, Safety and Environmental education.
  • Raise the awareness of the employees and subcontractors for the dangers and risks in order to prevent accidents and negative environmental impacts associated to their activities and for their responsibilities in the compliance of the existing requirements and regulations.
  • Ensure the compliance of legal and regulatory requirements and good practices applicable to the West Sea activity.
  • Improve the health, safety and environmental performance through the identification and monitoring of the aspects that the shipyard controls or has power of influence in order to optimise the working conditions of its employees and reduce the potential risks for the environment.
  • Play an active role in the environmental protection through the efficient use of the natural and energy resources, the minimisation of the environmental impacts and the reduction of the generated waste.
  • Promote the team work, the internal communication and the global commitment of the employees in the pursuit of the organizational goals, as well as to ensure continuously their satisfaction and motivation.